Who’s Who


Matt Town – Lead Pastor

Matt is married to Jo with three kids. He joined the team at LIFEHOUSE as a ‘minister in training’ in 2012 after completing a degree in theology and church leadership at RTC, Malvern. He now serves the church as lead pastor. Matt first trained as a youth worker serving churches across the UK in various ways whilst working for a family business in property maintenance. He loves lemon drizzle cake, family life, reading, the occasional 18 holes and a good crime drama. Oh! and of course he likes coffee – but that goes without saying.

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Dan Adam’s – Assistant Pastor

Dan is married to Lianne and they have a daughter. Dan joined the team at the as assistant pastor in September 2019. He was an engineer by trade before completing his theology degree at Regents Theological College in June 2018. Dan then joined Elim’s MIT (minister in training) programme and took up the role of Senior Pastor at Malvern Hills Elim Church for 12 months before joining the team here in Worcester. Dan is a worship leader and musician and together with Lianne they have a big heart for the community.

Church  Leadership Team

The Church Leadership Team is made up of our lead pastor Matt, assistant pastor Dan and our Elders; Trevor McAvoy, Liz Newton and Ewan Gear. The team are all members of the church family and play significant roles on our leadership team. Together we take the challenge of church leadership seriously whilst considering it a real joy to serve Jesus in this way, helping people grow closer to him in their everyday lives of worship and witness to the world.




Church Representative

We have developed a leadership structure which facilitates wider input from the church into the leadership team which we have called ‘church representative.’ Every 6 months we will invite 1 or 2 people from within the church to join the CLT  they will participate fully in leadership discussion and decision making, bringing a wider church perspective to vision & strategy, cultural momentum and the spiritual life of the church. After 6 months has passed we will either ask those individuals to serve for another term or ask others to replace them.  Ben Munyaneza is currently serving the church in this capacity. (Picture to follow)

Finance officer

Siobhan Winch is our finance officer. Although not part of the church leadership team, Siobhan plays a key role administering the church finances. If you have any questions in relation to giving, including gift aid, please speak with Siobhan.

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Network Leaders Team

The Network Leaders Team is made up of our Lead Pastor Matt Town, our Youth Network Leader Jo Town, our Kids & Family Network Leader Alice Martin and our Assistant Pastor Dan Adams. The team is responsible for the day to day management of the church including event and service planning, developing minstry teams and organising the church programme.







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