Home For Good


Home for Good is a charity dedicated to finding a home for every child who needs one by co-ordinating and resourcing a rapidly growing network of people, churches and local movements across the UK who are raising awareness of the needs of vulnerable children and young people, inspiring individuals to explore fostering and adoption and equipping churches to understand and support.

Our two core values are the twin threads that run through every aspect of our work. All that we do is shaped by, built upon, and fuelled through being child-focused and faith-rooted.

  • Child-focused
    Children and young people will always be at the heart of Home for Good. We are passionate about finding the best possible home for every child who needs one, where they will be loved and nurtured and go on to thrive. We affirm the infinite value of every child and will do all we can to advocate on their behalf, championing their needs and celebrating their successes, ensuring their voices are heard. We believe in the potential of every child and young person and will not give up.
  • Faith-rooted
    Our Christian faith inspires, motivates and encourages us to act and to believe that change is possible as we stand firmly on a strong theological foundation and commit to prayer for every aspect of our work. We will hold on to faith amidst setbacks and challenges and step out in faith to act. We are open about our faith and recognise the potential in the Church to make a difference, but we do not expect preferential treatment and are keen to work in partnership with those of other faiths and of no faith.

As a local church we are committed to seeing the vision of Home For Good become a reality in Worcester, we seek to support, encourage and facilitate the mission of H4G within our community by creating a place for everyone to belong. If you are interested in supporting or getting involved in the work of H4G please speak to Lee or Jo Curtis or email talktous@wearelifehouse.org