Global Mission

(Picture above - Kenya 2023)

Global mission has been part of the church’s DNA for decades. Many missionaries all over the globe have received support from the church from prayer to collecting and exporting living essentials. Currently we are partnering with churches and organisations in Kenya, Brazil and Thailand.

Kenya. We partner with Elim Kenya, specifically supporting and encouraging church planting in Turkana County in North Kenya. We have a wonderful relationship with Bishop Wilson who trains and equips church planters in some of the hardest to reach and remote ares of the country.

Bishop Wilson first went to Turkana many years ago as a missionary from another part of Kenya. Not many people would travel to this remote area but he persisted , learnt the language and faithfully lived out the gospel. since then over 50 churches have been planted and many villages and communities have been transformed by the good news of Jesus.Pastor Matt visited Kenya in March 2023 to support , encourage and strengthen the work but returned more inspired, encouraged and strengthened as he witnessed what God is doing in these incredible communities of faith.

Thailand. We partner with an organisation called Destiny Rescue. They rescue children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking and help them to stay free.Their agents enter some of the darkest places on the planet to find and rescue children, bringing them into a safe place and then help them to reintegrate into their communities and stay free from vulnerability. Members of our church are working directly with Destiny Rescue and we support, pray and encourage them in their work. Check out what they do here –

Brazil. We have a long standing partnership with a work in Maues, Brazil called Outreach Amazon. Living Word Church – This is an independent church serving people in Maues in the Amazon region. Pastor Tinho, who supports himself by running a hardware store and his wife Jackcilene runs the Chemist, has been leading the church since 2002 and there is now a primary school plus many cell groups. The cell groups have led to the church growing from 40 to 200 members in four years.

Living Word School – This is part of the ministry of Living Word Church in Maues, Amazon and is an outreach to those who can’t afford education in the area. The school has around 100 pupils between four and six years of age and it is staffed almost entirely by volunteers.  Bible principles are incorporated into every subject that is taught. Many of the children’s lives have been impacted and this transformation has been carried into their family homes.

Members of our church visited Maues in 2023 to support and encourage the ongoing work and we’re privileged to play a part in what God is doing.

Alongside those that we partner with on an ongoing basis we work with Elim Missions to pray and support many others missionaries and projects around the globe. For more information about Elim Missions check out our website –